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Bambee Review | Best & Advanced HR Software in 2023

87 / 100

Working as an HR is not just sitting on the chair, interviewing the applicants, and hiring them. The job covers a lot of other sections including the company policies, employer’s management, salaries issuance, and many others.

Are you an HR? Do you want to get comfortable while working in this position? Is your routine hectic and making you dull? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you have landed on the right page to learn about a platform.

This blog will show you a comprehensive review of Bambee that we have done after checking and comparing its features. We will show you some of the features of this platform that make it perfect for your HR tasks. Let’s get started!

What is Bambee?

It is a human resource service that can make the process of hiring employers, managing them, and working effectively for your business easier. Bambee is one of the best service providers for businesses because of its effective features.

Bambee Featured Image

Using this platform, you can easily manage your employers and business-related tasks like taxation. Yes, it works according to your concerned state and makes policies that your state demands. Unlike other HR platforms, it won’t ask you to submit details manually related to your state and business. But it will do it all for you and give you a completely customized policy for your business.

Why Bambee is the best platform for HRs?

Undoubtedly, multiple platforms are available on the internet that seems to be similar to Bambee. So, the question is how this platform is better than others when multiple others are available. Be seated if you are also looking for the answer to this question. Here we are going to show you some of the best features that make it the best HR platform than others.

Quick & Comprehensive HR Auditing

Being HR or business caretaker, it is the most common task to audit your business and find gaps. It may be a hard process to perform because you have to do multiple tasks manually. What if we say that you can do this manually even without getting a single complication?

It will be amazing, Right? Bambee is the platform that can serve you in this regard with its quick and comprehensive auditing features. Using this option offered by the platform, you can easily start an audit of your HR business to find the gaps.

It will show you the overall performance of your HR policy and find the gap between its points. This isn’t where it all comes to an end but this platform will give you an action plan to adopt. You can follow the given plan to overcome those problems and keep your business streamlined.

Create Custom HR Policies

We all know that a business needs an HR policy that compiles with its state rules and regulations. It is not possible to have a fixed policy that isn’t even suitable for your region. If you do this, you may face problems like legal action.

So, you need a platform or expert who can design custom HR policies for your business. Finding such a right and professional person will be a difficult task. But you can do this and make the overall process easier with Bambee.

Bambee Policy making

This platform has a specific category under the name of HR Autopilot using which you can get customized HR policies. It will help you in getting a policy that will be just according to your state’s rules and regulations. The policies generated by this platform will be just according to the demand of your business.

Advanced Training

No profession on the planet which doesn’t ask its professionals to be updated. If you want to grow more, you need to learn more in your field to have better exposure. But the main problem comes when you have to find an instructor for teaching or guiding you about your profession.

With the help of Bambee, you can also solve this problem as it covers this section too. Through its learning and certification section, you can easily learn about your field/skill. It will help you in understanding updated skills and techniques to be more professional in your field.

At the end of a training program, you will also get a certification that will increase your worth in the market. In simple words, you will be able to apply for other jobs and programs at a high-level company after a successful training session.

Simple Employ Management

Whether you are taking care of a business or working as an HR, you may be familiar with the process of employer expenses management. It is not an easy task to manage employers, listen to their complaints, release their salaries, and do other regular tasks.

The entire process will take a lot of effort and time to get completed. But if you are using Bambee, you may not need to worry about these sections. It is because the platform offers simple employer management features.

Bambee Payroll Statement

You can easily add employers, get them interviewed, fire the culprit, and move ahead through the same window. In simple words, you don’t even think of another way to utilize for dealing with any of these tasks. So, the complete process of managing employers will be easy and simple.

How much will it cost to get Bambee for your business?

The best thing about Bambee is that it is a suitable platform for everyone. Doesn’t matter whether you have just started in your field or looking to expand your team, you can go with it. The pricing package of this platform starts from $99 per month you can upgrade anytime when your team is growing.

Bambee Pricing

If you are just looking to set HR policies, we recommend you go with the basic plan. It will help you in doing your work in less amount before you hire someone to be part of your business. Similarly, if you have grown in your field, you can upgrade your plan to add your employers and manage them properly.

Final Crux

With the above discussion, you must have got an idea of how Bambee is the best HR resource than others. We have discussed only the advanced features of this platform that will make your business streamlined. This platform’s services will help you in growing properly and manage your employers smoothly.