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Adzooma In 2023 – Best Ad Management

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Surviving as a professional in the field of PPC and related advertisements isn’t an easy task. For a person, it is hard to estimate the budget, channel, and performance tracking all the time through manual approaches.

Every PPC expert has to take advantage of tools to streamline their tasks and accomplish them nicely. But it is also a problem for such experts to utilize different tools for the concerned tasks. Are you one of those professionals? Do you want to learn about a platform offering all tools that you need from one window?

Keep reading about Adzooma because we are going to discuss it in detail. In this blog, we will overview this tool package as well as tell you about some of its advanced features of this package. By the end, you will know about it in detail and have an idea why you need this package instead of subscribing to different tools.

Adzooma Overview

It is a specific digital marketing platform from where you can get all your required resources as an advertiser or a business caretaker. Adzooma has been integrated with all popular advertisement channels including Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.


It means that you will get full control over advertisement campaigns related to any platform. This particular platform offers complete control over PPC advertising campaigns for businesses of all levels.

Doesn’t matter whether you have a small business or a multinational business to manage their ads, you will get assistance from this platform. All its tools are available for easy access with a single click and keep a record of the performance 24/7.

All in all, you will be able to have a look at the current performance of your ads and find a way to improve them from time to time. With its effective tracking and performance-checking features, it is considered the best platform in this field. That’s the reason why it has won an award from a well-known marketing event.

Advanced Features at Adzooma

Like other platforms, you just need to read about the features of Adzooma. Here we have enlisted some of the best features to let you know properly before you buy it.

Performance Tracking

For a PPC expert, the most important task is to track the performance of their started ads. It is because the core aim of such a professional is to save the budget, get more outcomes, and send a report to authorities.

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Also, another responsibility of such an expert is to give a roadmap for a business to run the next ads. It is only possible when such a person has tracked the performance of the current ads. With the help of Adzooma, you can perform this task without any problem.

This platform has multiple tools that have been integrated with advertisement channels. These tools will keep tracking the performance of your ads all the time. So, you won’t have to check the performance off and on using different steps. Just attach your account and it will keep tracking the performance of the campaigns.

Complete Ads Toolkit

No doubt, it is not a problem to run an advertisement campaign if you are an expert. But it will be a problem for beginners who are unaware of different sections of advertisement channels. For beginners, it is compulsory to have some tools/options or guides with the help of which they can run their few ads.

Adzooma Tracking Tools

If you are new and struggling with such a process, you will find Adzooma the best for you. This platform has all the specific tools that can help you in this regard. It is right to say that it will help you in running ads like an instructor helps students in completing their work.


For many professionals, Adzooma is the platform beneficial for PPC campaigns running. It is completely wrong and you should clear your confusion if you are also one of those professionals. This platform will not only track your PPC campaigns but also guide you about the SEO of your website, store, or any other digital asset.

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It means that its tools will keep tracking the overall performance of your digital asset. By switching to this tab, you will be able to know about different SEO measures for that asset. It means that you will see what improvements your asset needs, what is the current status of your website, and the tips to improve the performance.

In short, it will help all users who are related to the SEO field or PPC field in completing their tasks nicely. If you are new to any of these fields, you should try this platform once at least. The good thing is that you can sign up for free and use its basic plan without paying anything. If you like their services, you can upgrade to a premium plan for accessing all its advanced tools.

Learn & Practice (One-window solution)

Unlike other platforms, Adzooma is also the best because of its learning aspects. This platform doesn’t suit only professionals who are experienced in their tasks. But you can also use this platform for learning purposes and improve your current skills.

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For a digital marketing expert, it is important to improve his skills from time to time to be part of the race. This platform offers to learn related to different topics from SEO, PPC, and other digital marketing categories. You only have to go to the learning section of this platform and search for your concerned category.

Who can use Adzooma?

It is the most asked question that every professional has in the mind. Unlike other platforms, Adzooma is not only for a specific category of people. You can use this platform irrespective of your concerns in learning and working aspects.

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It allows you to have an idea about its basic tools through a free account registration process. Also, you can go for a premium subscription to perform different digital marketing tasks, learning, tracking, and others. Moreover, you can also share your account with your teammates and keep your company’s tasks in the same place.

Final Words

With the above discussion, you have learned about Adzooma in detail. We have shared its premium features as well as effective outcomes for our valuable readers. You can now have a clear idea why you need to prefer this platform over the others.