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Audiense Overview | Best tool to use in 2023?

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Social media has become the backbone of every business at this time. Doesn’t matter whether you have a local online business or a multi-national marketing agency, you need to market through social media channels. It is because these channels have almost maximum traffic from different parts of the world.

But the process to manage social media accounts isn’t simple always because you need to keep different factors in your mind. Also, it is important to maintain the audience by checking the stats of your different social media accounts like Twitter.

The major problem is that it is not possible to manage all these tasks through a manual approach. You need an intelligent tool that can keep track of your account’s performance and dictate how to work ahead.

If you are looking for a reliable tool for this purpose, you should try Audiense which is a comprehensive platform for this purpose. This blog will guide you properly about this platform to let you know what it is and how you can use it for this task. Also, we will tell you who can use this platform to expect higher results.

What is Audiense?

It is an online web-based tool that has been designed for social media management particularly. With the help of Audiense, you can easily manage your social media performance, especially regarding Twitter.

As compared to other social media management platforms, this platform is relatively new to the market. Formerly, it was named as SocialBro because it deals with different social media channels. In 2015, it was rebranded and given this new name that got much popularity among the audience.


Because of this platform’s relevant name, it is clear to many social media users that this platform will work as their manager. In a short time, this platform got labeled as the number 1 management tool for Twitter particularly.

The reason is that this tool provides complete insights into a registered or connected Twitter account. In simple words, it shows the stats regarding audience engagement, reach, conversion, impression, and all other basic stats. So, you can easily check whether your content is accessible to your target audience or whether you are getting irrelevant traffic to your account.

Who should use this platform?

We all know that hundreds of online tools are available on the internet. Not every tool is suitable for everyone because it may lead to a loss of money and time. That’s why it is important to explore the tool’s availability, features, and outcomes to estimate whether it is suitable for you or not.

For your ease, we have researched this for you and enlisted some of those professionals who should use this tool. It is good to utilize this platform if you belong to any of these professions.


As every online worker, employer, or investor knows that influencer marketing has become important for the success of any business. It has become difficult to attract an audience without sharing an innovative and creative message from influencers.

Being an influencer, you must have to share the report of marketing to get paid by the businesses or promoters. But the problem is how can you do this and improve your marketing performance at the same time?

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The best approach is using Audiense because it has been designed with all the necessary tools. With the help of this platform, you can easily track your account’s performance to know who is accessing your account. Also, you will be able to know whether your content has created conversion or not. In turn, you can grow as an influencer without finding a single hurdle in your way.

Social Media Marketers

As mentioned above, social media marketing has become compulsory for the sake of a business’s performance. So, it has become a profitable business to work as a social media marketer/manager. With this, you can earn a handsome package by selling your services to influencers, businesses, and marketing agencies.

Either if you are a social media marketer or have planned to be successful in this field, you should need some advanced tools like Audiense. This tool will help you in different aspects as well as streamline your work.

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For example, you can improve your performance by keeping track of your previous work. Also, you can manage different social media campaigns of various customers to earn more. That’s why it is important to keep this platform in your access and utilize it whenever you need it.

How does Audiense better than other social media management tools?

Everyone wants to compare different tools before buying one. It is important to do because you must invest your budget in the right place. So, here are some aspects in which Audiense is better than other tools available right now.

Most Intelligent Insights Checker

Unlike other social media management tools, this tool is not designed with a traditional algorithm. Mostly, you will find management tools with similar features to big giants in this field and have replicated their interface.

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Audiense is not like those management tools but it has the most intelligent insights checker. It means that this platform will give you insights that are just according to the real traffic. This platform won’t show you estimated traffic but it shows you how many people have browsed your content and spent time there.

Comprehensive Management Toolkit

Another big difference between Audiense and other social media management tools is its toolkit. This platform has multiple tools in its kit to allow everyone access and utilize it. In simple words, you will find all tools that you need to manage your social media accounts.

So, you don’t need to browse different platforms for various purposes like hot content, impressions checking, and others. All in all, it has all those tools that you need to manage your social media accounts effectively.

How much do you have to invest for an Audiense subscription?

The best thing about Audiense due to why we recommend this platform is its free version. If you don’t want to invest and just start in this field, you can go with its free version. In this version, you can access the basic features of this platform to maintain your accounts.

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Also, when you have got hands-on experience and found this platform suitable, you can upgrade your plan. You can get started with its paid plans from 32 pounds per month and access different tools from a single window.

Final Wrapping

Doesn’t matter whether you are an influencer or social media manager, Audiense is one of the best platforms available for your work. You can easily manage your work through a single window and maintain it to increase conversions.

It will also give you a full view of insights that will be helpful for your progress in the field. In short, this platform can make this business more profitable for you instead of doing a manual effort for a few cents.