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Overview Of VIVAHR – No 1 Recruitment Tool

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Hiring employers for your business is not an easy task. It will take time to get applications, filter them, and finalize the candidates for interviews. Thanks to VIVAHR for making the process easier and simple.

Do you know what this program can do for you and its benefits? If you don’t know about this, don’t worry. In this article, we are going to tell you comprehensively about this program that will clear your doubts and tell you about its features properly.

Let us show you a detailed overview of it.

What is VIVAHR?

It is a specific program designed for letting you hire employers for your business easily. VIVAHR is designed by keeping the working and importance of HR in view. It has all those features that an HR can perform physically for hiring employers.

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This software will let you seamlessly continue the hiring process and accomplish this task on time. It will keep assisting you in different sections from getting applications to hiring and maintaining your business’s integrity on the platform.

Why do you need to use VIVAHR?

It is a legit question that you should ask while discussing VIVAHR. No doubt, there are multiple options like hiring agencies available online. You can hire any of those agencies and ask them to conduct interviews to hire talent for your business.

Normally, such agencies charge more than your expectations and you might not be able to invest such a huge amount. It is common to face budget shortages when you have just started or dealing with a limited business.

Also, such agencies are not available to work for everyone. The reason is you will get restrictions like the number of employers. In simple words, you may be asked to hire a prominent and fixed number of candidates to activate their packages.

In such a case, you may not be able to get aid from them if you want to hire only one or two employers. To overcome all such issues, you will find VIVAHR the best choice. It will neither ask you to hire a specific number of employers to run smoothly nor charge you much.


So, you can easily buy this software and make the hiring process for your company easier and simpler. There are many other advantages that you will get from this software. Here, you can read about its amazing features briefly to know why VIVAHR.

Features of VIVAHR

Overall, VIVAHR has a vast list of features but not all of them are the best. So, we have compared this software with other HR software available online. As a result, we have found this software much better than others. Let us show you those features that make it better than others.

Ø User-friendly interface

Mostly, HR software is designed with a client-friendly interface. It means that the people at the backend will be able to get a simple interface only. While the applicants have to suffer a lot with complex features.


VIVAHR has been designed by keeping both sides and their intentions in mind. It does not matter whether you are an HR or an applicant, you will find it simple to deal with this software. That is the reason why talent seekers get more responses on this software instead of manual hunting.

Ø Multiple Boards

While you are looking for talent, you may have been using multiple boards and creating jobs. It will be hard because you have to follow the interface of every tool and platform to accomplish this task.

When you are seeking talent with VIVAHR, you will find it more beneficial than others. The reason is you will be able to publish your job on more than 50 boards from a single channel. It means that you only have to set job requirements using this software and publish them. Your job will go live on more than 50 job boards and engage applicants.

multiple boards

Ø One-tap social sharing

For every job that you post, you will get a unique URL. If you want to share it on your social media handle to attract more applications, you can do this. It will allow you to hunt talent outside this platform’s set boards with this software.


Moreover, it will also show you how you are getting the audience to your job post. It means you will be able to see from where you are getting people and applicants for your job.

Ø Advanced Options

VIVAHR has a lot of advanced features and options that will make it simple for you to hire talent. Its advanced features make it more effective and reliable than other software and agencies. First of all, this tool will enable you to get complete control over your job posting dashboard.

It will enable you to customize the interface and set the options just according to your requirements. This software will also enable you to handle applications using your email directly from its dashboard.

Additionally, you can also filter out applicants directly even without having a look at their resumes. When you are hiring employers, you must have seen that people with inappropriate experiences are coming to you.

It is annoying to take time to deal with them if you already have a short deadline. So, you can easily use its advanced option to set up a questionnaire. It means you can set a few questions related to your field or job that every applicant has to respond to.

New job

By reading those responses, you will be able to analyze whether the applicant is worthy of your business or have a lack of experience. Also, you can filter out all those applicants who have not responded to your questions.

In this way, you can easily precise the list of candidates and finalize the best one for the interview.


In the above guide, we have told you about VIVAHR deeply. It would be better to get aid from technology to hire talent for your business. Does not matter if you want them physically or remotely, it will help you in finalizing the list and choosing the best one.