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Firstbase.io | Everything you need to know about it

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Establishing a business in the United States is the desire of every businessman. It is because people do care about this region’s companies and businesses. But it is not an easy task to do this unless you have met their requirements like US-based residence and others. This is where you will find Firstbase.io a very useful platform. It has a complete team that can help you in creating your business in the United States. This blog will contain comprehensive details about this platform, its features, and its benefits to create your business in the US. 

What is Firstbase?

It is a unique platform established by professionals to help foreigners for getting their businesses registered in the US. Firstbase.io is not like other traditional platforms that have ordinary skills to accomplish this task. 

You can get an idea about its proficiency and efficiency by having a look at its customer list. The platform was established in 2018 which means it is pretty new than others. But it has helped hundreds of businesses to let their processing start in the US. 

In short, it has helped many businesses to make dollars by running their operations in this region. From start to end, Firstbase.io helps its customers with the complete procedure to establish and register their businesses in this country. 

Features of Firstbase 

Ø US Company Formation 

It is the main property of this platform due to which it is famous in this field. With the help of this platform, you can register your company in the US. This company enables you to register your company even if you have not visited this place ever before. 


In simple words, you can register your company remotely and run its operations without stepping into this country. You should not have to go a single time to appear for registering your business. In short, you can sit on your chair and let Firstbase.io registers your company in this region. 

Ø Registered & Verified Agents 

This company is not working virtually for the sake of business registration in the United States. But it has verified registered agents living in this country in different states. Firstbase.io will use their details like the address to get your business registered. 

As we know, every business has to receive some documents related to registration like an ownership affidavit. Those agents will be responsible for collecting those documents to meet any legal issues in the future. 

Ø Bank Account Creation 

For every business, it is important to create a bank account in a specified region. Without account creation, it will not be possible to collect the payments and run the business properly. Firstbase.io will enable you to create your account without using your details. 

Banking Solutions
Banking Solutions

They have multiple professionals to deal with such conditions. This platform is also working in collaboration with Mercury to create your account easily. Additionally, you will get a reward of $500 from this bank when you are creating an account through Firstbase. 

Ø EIN Formation 

Employer’s Identification Number (EIN) is the most important thing to create for your business. Without this number, you can neither create an account nor fulfil the requirements of the US government for business registration. 

Employer’s Identification Number

Firstbase.io will also create this specific number for you and let you create different accounts through that number. When you have this number, you should not need to apply for ITIN or SSN for operating your business. 

Ø Personal Details Creation 

As mentioned above, this platform has multiple verified agents living in the US. With the help of those agents, Firstbase.io will enable you to get personal details. It will set up the address, phone number, Fax ID, and others using their authentic details. 

In this way, you don’t need to provide your personal details for converting them into US residential details. Unlike other companies in the same field, you should not have to pay a single penny for this. You can get your address details without investing your money.  

For making your business completely safe from any unexpected legal conditions, Firstbase.io has a team of legal professionals. They are always available to help you if you are having a problem with your operations. 

Moreover, they will help you to set up your business legally in the country by getting your legal documents verified by authorities. 

Ø Simple Interface 

Firstbase.io has a simple interface that can be understood by anyone. Does not matter what is your experience while working with such platforms. You will find it pretty simple to browse this platform and use it. 

It will not take more than 5 minutes to use this platform for consultation or business registration. You can get a free consultation from its team to know which type of legal issues you have to face. 

Moreover, you can ask them about the process of your business registration and the necessary documents they need from you. All your desirable options are available under the same dashboard which makes it a better choice. 

To get started, you only have to apply through an online application. The process will take five minutes only to complete this process. After that, you have to wait for a few days to get connected with the team. Meanwhile, you can get your documents ready if you know what are the requirements to get started. 

Ø Flexible Packages 

Last but not least, Firstbase.io is getting popular because of its flexible packages. You should not need to invest thousands of dollars to register your business. But you can do this by using a few dollars from your wallet and hiring this team. 

Affordable Packages
Affordable Packages

You only have to pay $399 for registering your company in the US with this platform. It is not as big as the investment that you need to put in your business for success. In short, you can now register your business in this region easily without investing a heavy amount. 

Final Say 

With the above details, you must have got an idea about Firstbase.io and its functions. It has become easy now to register your business in the US and operate from wherever you want. The process will be pretty simple as you don’t have to work manually but the entire team will work for you.