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How Blue Jeans Can Streamline Your Virtual Meetings?

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Because of the internet’s excessive use, conducting virtual meetings and events has become common at this time. For many people, it is easy to participate in such events. Conversely, many organizers face issues while conducting their events online.

For example, a standard set of problems belongs to voice fluctuation, video interruption, and disturbance in internet connection. To deal with such problems, you need online software like Blue Jeans to streamline your video conferences.

Don’t you know about this platform? Keep reading, as we will discuss it in detail in this blog. Let’s get started and have a look at the following sections.

What is Blue Jeans?

It is an online platform that offers multiple video conferencing tools in a single kit. Via Blue Jeans, you will be able to access different tools regarding video, audio, screen sharing, and other general tasks. This platform will enable you to utilize all high-quality software from a single window.

Blue Jeans

Multiple tools have been integrated with this platform to smooth your video meetings. Simply put, you can efficiently conduct meetings on this platform without facing problems like voice fluctuation, slow video browsing, and others.

In summary, we can say that it has all those tools you need to conduct daily routine meetings and organize events. Yes, it will enable you to manage your virtual events without having any problems because of its multiple system integrations and versatile toolkit.

Where can you use Blue Jeans?

Before subscribing to any platform, you should learn about it in detail. It will allow you to learn whether to pick that platform or invest your money elsewhere. The most crucial section regarding this is understanding the facts about where you can use that platform. In this section, we have written some common uses of Blue Jeans here.

In Virtual Meetings

When it comes to virtual business meetings, it may be hard to add multiple participants. It is because the software you are using allows you to add only fewer ones. You may have to conduct multiple meetings and invest a lot of time.

Blue Jeans Meeting Page

You can resolve such problems with the help of Blue Jeans. It will enable you to add multiple participants without any problem seamlessly. In turn, you will be able to conduct meetings with all your employers/students in a single go.

To Organize Events

Organizing events is unlike conducting meetings as it demands customized background, high-quality video streaming, and others. You will not get such features while using ordinary software like Google Meet or Zoom.

As a result, your background won’t be suitable for events, and you may not be able to leave a good impact on your viewers. To keep your viewers intact, you should think about customized backgrounds. Blue Jeans is the best platform because of its advanced features to accomplish this task.

image 3

It has integrated multiple video tools that will enable you to set customized backgrounds according to the nature of the event. You can also perform various activities like video sharing, screen sharing, and live streaming through this platform to engage your audience.

Why do you prefer Blue Jeans over others?

Undoubtedly, multiple platforms with such features are available on the internet. Then the question comes, why should you use Blue Jeans over the other? Here are some features that will let you know the answer to this question.

Exceptional Audio Feature

While conducting meetings or attending events, you must have heard that your voice is not audible properly. It is because of interruption in your voice or excessive noise in the background. Both problems are common to face by event organizers or participants.

image 4

It doesn’t matter your role in the event; you must be looking to eliminate this problem. Blue Jeans has a specific feature, Dolby Voice, which will enable you to overcome this problem. It is a specific technique according to which you can reduce the noise from the background and make your voice clear.

High-Quality Video

Video quality is another factor in deciding whether your event or meeting is successful. Without being visible to your audience, you may be unable to give them your message or share your point of view.

Blue Jeans is providing exceptional services in this regard with its intelligent video feature. Using this feature, you can create your videos in full HD quality. It will also enable you to customize your videos even during the live stream to show professional behavior or attract the audience.


Another feature of Blue Jeans that makes it better than other platforms is the integration with multiple OS. It means that you can join this platform from a mobile, tablet, laptop, or computer. This platform has a device-friendly interface that will adjust the screen size and resolution according to the device.

You will get the same feature whether you think from your or the participant’s perspective. Simply put, your audience will not face problems adjusting the screen size if they join the meeting through it. Its advanced tools will automatically adjust the screen resolution and size to make it properly viewable.


Among all other features, the best fact about this platform is its cost-effective packages. Blue Jeans is not suitable only for multi-national businesses. But you can also utilize it even if you have a small team to manage your business or work on a client-based project.

You can join this platform for free if you only want basic features. Yes, it is entirely free to use its Basic Mode. But you must upgrade your subscription if you want extensive and advanced features.

image 5

The pricing is not much higher than the market prices but is lesser than the standard rates. You can get started at $9.99 for its standard package and move higher if you want with a little more investment.

Final Wrapping

By reading this blog, you must have an idea about Blue Jeans. It might be possible that you have not made up your mind to pick this platform for accessing advanced features. Just upgrade your business and level up your experience regarding virtual meetings.