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Breezy HR

No.1 Breezy HR | How can you get a job via ?

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Undoubtedly, it has become so easy to find a desired job online in the recent internet age. But this liberty has brought so much complexity too. You can’t find a good career choice if you are using an ineffective platform. You may waste a lot of time and effort you put into applying.

Breezy HR is among the most popular ATS available online today. The platform has gained a huge number of regular users due to its user-friendly interface and customized features.

It has all things you need to find a perfect job, from creating a gig to finding the best organization according to your desired requirements. You can move to onboard status from a jobless person in a few days.

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In this article, we will find the way to get the best job via Breezy HR and how this platform is more effective than others. Let’s get started

Key features of Breezy HR

The platform is designed in a way that counters all the aspects needed to find a perfect match. You can get access to various customizable templates, job descriptions, and salary profiles to make an effective job profile.

The platform also organizes webinars and courses so that one can make good use of it. By joining this platform, you will not be able to find a job but also learn a lot about your skills.

Profile Promotion

By creating a job profile on Breezy HR, you can show your qualifications and skills to hundreds of like-minded recruiters. This will help you to be judged by the concerned persons only. In this way, you will not get attended by scammers or inappropriate sources.

You can use different customized templates and job proposals offered by the platform. These templates will help you to understand the possible requirements of the recruiters according to your desired job.

Moreover, by customizing, you can add more attraction to your job proposal and find the perfect match. This is the first and most important stage to apply for a job.

Create a very strong, brief, and attractive profile so that every recruiter who is in search of a person feels like you are the only option available there. Make good use of templates provided by the platform and create additions to make them more effective.  

Easy to Qualify for Jobs

Breezy HR has made it very simple, easy, and valuable to apply for a job. Every candidate is given the facility to create a good, attractive, and powerful profile describing their skills and qualifications.

A recruiter can have a deep view of an applicant before further proceeding. An applicant can receive assessment tests sent by the recruiter, schedule initial interviews, and can review notes left by the interviewer.

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Be very active while filling out the assessment tests and prepare yourself for the initial interviews. Once you get through this process of assessment, you can schedule the final interview using various meeting platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet.

Isn’t it a good approach to having an interview and getting hired by professionals? It is pretty simple as you don’t have to tackle different problems like going for interviews, attending different recruiters, and others.

Contracts Creation

When you cross all these levels, it is time to be on board and start working. Breezy HR has various templates that enable recruiters to offer salaries and create contracts. You can choose or offer the template that suits you the most.

Furthermore, it also provides the facility of e-Signature to its users having an advanced pricing account. That thing brings more security and safety to the job and contract.

It is not only useful for applicants but also very practical and convenient for recruiters. The platform provides all the necessary tools and gadgets to recruiters which are helpful for them in finding the best fit for the vacant position.

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A recruiter can learn the interview questions, can make notes, and can provide assignments to the applicants. The e-Signing feature makes the platform more trustworthy as it provides confidence to both parties about future security.

To have valuable insights into the recruitment process, the platform provides several tools and features to recruiters. This approach minimizes the chances of feeling guilty after hiring a person.

Automated Workflow

Breezy HR saves your time because it is automated. There is no need to repeat tasks again and again. From sending messages, and emails, to scheduling interviews everything is automated by the platform.

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It automatically selects or rejects candidates on their answers. This will save time and energy for recruiters and allow them to focus on other important tasks.       

Is Breezy HR a free-to-use platform?

Breezy HR is not a free-to-use platform at all. It has different pricing plans for both, recruiters and employees. The platform offers a discount to users who go for the annual subscription plan. However, the platform offers a free trial period of 14 days too.

In simple words, you can join this platform for checking purposes without paying a fee to them. It will help you in understanding whether this platform is suitable for you or not. No doubt, this platform is perfectly designed for recruiters and job seekers.

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But it might be possible that your business doesn’t have enough budget to bear its expenses. So, you should have to try this platform in its free version first before making a decision. It will help you whether you should get a paid subscription or rely on the manual method for now.

Final words

In the above blog, we have shared a comprehensive overview of Breezy HR. You must have got an idea of what this platform is and how it can help you in getting a job. No doubt, number of job seekers is higher than recruiters.

But this platform has kept recruiting companies too in their mind while designing. That’s why, this platform has options for both parties without any discrimination.