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How To train employers? Trainual Review 2023

87 / 100

Do you want to hire new employers for your company? Are you struggling to grow because of consistent mistakes made by your employers? You must have to check the Trainual procedure to train your employers and revise it for better outcomes.

If you want to make this process streamline and get the best outcomes, you should try to connect with Trainual. Don’t you know what this platform is about? This blog will guide you about this platform comprehensively and show you what kind of features it has.

What is Trainual?

It is a complete code or platform with the help of which you can streamline the training process for your employers. Trainual actually is software that allows a businessman or caretaker to assemble the training lessons in a single platform.

Whether you have to hire new employers or want to train previous employers according to innovations in your business, you will find this platform the best of others. From this channel, you can ask your employers to watch videos, read documents, understand instructions through infographics, and perform other checks.

Trainual Overview

All in all, it is the best platform to go with and train your employers before you enter the final stages of your business. Normally, we face problems like less experienced staff for our company and hiring employers again and again.

It takes a lot of investment and time to perform such activities. Trainual enables you to avoid such conditions and move ahead seamlessly to achieve your goals. In short, this platform has all those functions that you need to utilize in this regard.

How Trainual is more effective than physical training?

It is a common question that comes to the mind of every business caretaker. The reason is they may be using traditional ways to train their employers. But have you ever noticed how much you are investing in this process?

In the United States, a company has to invest around $3000-$4000 for hiring a simple employee. The process takes a lot of time as well as investment. What if you will be asked to do this at much lower prices along with a complete grip in your hands?

Trainual Plans

You will find it pretty effective because you will be able to examine the employer’s performance before hiring. It will also reduce the issues like less reliability and instant hiring requirements in your company.

The reason is you will put your maximum efforts to hire the best talent for your company and grow smoothly to make more profit. In this way, Trainual is much more effective than those physical institutes or training centres.

Features of Trainual

Ø Cost Effective

The main feature of this platform that makes it better than other training platforms or software is its cost-effective pricing. Normally, you may have to invest hundreds of dollars just to educate a single employer about your company and hire them.

Trainual enables you to get started with a $49 per month price in which you can ask your 5 employers to get trained. If you have a large team, you can also move towards the advanced plans for $99 per month and $199 per month.

Trainual Templates

By doing this, you can even let the entire team of a small startup gets trained for your business. Also, you can add seats in both advanced plans. By doing this, you can simply increase the number of seats just according to your team members.

Isn’t it good to train multiple employers on such a short budget? It will enable you to let your employers first get educated and then move toward your business for a job. In this way, you can hire the team with the best talent for your business.

Along with this, you can also start with a 7-day free trial to know what the tool has to offer you in detail. During this time, you will get full access to all its features to understand its work and make a decision.

Ø All in one toolkit

Trainual is offering a comprehensive toolkit to use for tracking the training of your employers and improving the process. It will not allow you to submit a few documents in text format for learning.

But this platform allows you to get your videos available for onboarding employers for better understanding. You can add video tutorials, pictorial presentations, or SOP documents for this purpose. All such tools are available at a distance of a single click to utilize for a better training process.

Trainual Setup

Ø Advanced Working

Trainual has not been designed with a list of simple tools but it has advanced tools to work with. From this platform, you will not be like a blind player who doesn’t know about the progress of their employer learning.

Mostly, employers just say that they have watched the tutorials and understood your company. They didn’t watch those videos or read the documents but said randomly. Have you ever faced such problems? You must be thinking about the tracking of this procedure.

Trainual Training

Trainual enables you to get advanced features like LMS for this purpose. You can easily keep track of the performance of your trainees. It means that you will be able to see how many courses or videos they have watched. Similarly, you can ask them to complete it quickly if you want to.

Ø Simple Interface

This training platform has been designed with a simple interface. It can be used and managed by any person who has little experience in working with such software. You can also ask your manager to do this instead of hiring a technical person.

All its tools are available with a single click. You only have to browse this platform and sign up to have a look at the dashboard of this tool. It will surely enable you to track the progress and hire the best talent.

Final Verdict

With the above guide, you must have got an idea about Trainual in detail. We have discussed all its features properly to make it understandable for you. By reading this blog with focus, you can easily understand whether you should go with this tool or not.

We recommend you sign up for its trial first to estimate what this tool has to offer. In this way, you can easily decide whether it will be a good choice for you or not.