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MASV comparison to other file transfer tools?

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Sharing data is not easy as it seems to be especially when you have to share heavy files. No doubt, you may have used multiple tools like Email to send and receive lightweight files. But when it comes to sharing heavy media files that you want at the receiver’s end, you can’t rely on those methods. Let us introduce MASV.

The reason is your file results will be damaged and the receiver will not be able to see the same preview that you have got. MASV can be a good alternative for you with the best quality features to accomplish this task.

In this blog, we are going to show you a comprehensive guide on MASV and will compare this software with others. Let’s get started and check the following guide to know about it deeply.

What is MASV?

It is one of the most professional file-sharing software available for all users. This software will not harm the quality of the media you are transferring through it. You can use this file-sharing program to send or receive files anywhere in the world.


It has gained popularity rapidly as compared to other file-sharing programs. It is because it’s fine working even while sharing heavy files. It has an unmatchable processing speed to transfer your document quickly instead of taking hours.

This software has multiple features that you have to know before using it. By reading its features and comparison with other file-sharing programs, you will be able to make sure that you have chosen the right tool.

Features Of MASV

Overall, MASV has multiple features that can be discussed here. We have found many features of this tool new that is good instead of using traditional features only. But we have enlisted a few that are most important to enlist here.

Ø Extensive File Size Limit

You must have heard about many file-sharing programs like Dropbox, Email, and others. The main issue with most such tools is that they will enable you to share a file with a specific weight. Mostly, you will be unable to share your heavy files through such means.

With MASV, you will not find such issues because of its extensive file size limit. Unlike other tools, it will enable you to send or receive files up to 5 TB in size. It is a huge limit that may be unable to meet and face restrictions on file sharing.

Ø Fast Sharing

With other file-sharing modes, you may have experienced slow processing. It happens when you are sharing a bit heavy file. Also, you may compress the file size to make the transfer process quick.


It will harm the quality of the data that you have to share. By using MASV, you will not need to do this because of its extensive file-sharing limit. Additionally, it will use more than 300 servers from all over the world.

It will reduce the gap between sending and receiving ends which will help in fast sharing. It is the best feature of this file-sharing software in comparison with others.

Ø Customizable Portal

Unlike other data-sharing programs, you will not be asked to stick with a fixed built-in portal. But you can easily customize the dashboard of your account. It will enable you to create your portal just according to your desires.


There is no section in its portal that can be labeled as static. It means that you can easily customize the portal and change everything without any charges or extra fees.

Ø Automated Backup

Another amazing feature of MASV is that it will enable you to connect a cloud storage program with it. By using this feature, you can easily get a backup of your data in your cloud storage. It will reduce the chances of data loss that you may have done before while using inappropriate programs.

Ø Extended Security

MASV has been designed with extra security barriers around your data. It takes your privacy seriously and helps you in keeping your data safe. No one even from the technical team will be able to access your data without your permission from your account.

It means that you can share your private files or sensitive data through this platform without any fear. It will keep it encrypted and enable you to share your data between two ends only.

Comparison Between MASV & Other File-Sharing Tools

To get an idea about the better working of MASV and its features, you should have to read the comparison between this software and others. Let’s have a look at the following sections.

MASV VS Dropbox

No doubt, Dropbox is one of the most used data-sharing platforms. But it has a few limitations that make the MASV better than it. First of all, MASV is faster than Dropbox when sharing files with anyone.

MASV Dropbox

Secondly, it will not damage the quality of media which makes it the perfect choice for filmmakers too. In Dropbox, you will get a limited data-sharing option while MASV has an extensive data-sharing limit.

Last but not least, Dropbox has no extensive data encryption to secure your files. On the other hand, you will experience extra security features in the MASV.

MASV VS WeTransfer

WeTransfer is another data-sharing platform with the help of which you can send or receive data. No doubt, it is a reliable means of doing this but it offers slow sharing as compared to MASV.

MASV Speed

According to stats, MASV is two times faster in uploading data than WeTransfer and ten times faster in downloading. It means that you will be able to transfer data within a few seconds if you are using it over WeTransfer.


When it comes to comparing this software with files, you will find the latter beneficial in many aspects. But it has some bugs and drawbacks due to which we prefer to use MASV instead of it.

For instance, MASV offers extensive security of your data that is not efficient in the other one. No doubt, it enables encrypted data sharing but it is not of such high quality as the other. Secondly, MASV is cost-effective and enables you to share large files easily without changing the subscription plan.

Final Verdict

With the above guide, you must have understood the extensive features of MASV. It is also possible that you have decided to choose your desired tool for sharing data over the internet. We recommend you choose MASV if you are from the entertainment or video field. It will enable you to share your data without having problems in terms of data quality or processing speed.