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Meta Zuckerberg Woos Big Tech in Asia to Double on AI Chips

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Is on a tour of Asian countries this week, with a key focus on strengthening ties with tech giants in the region to bolster Meta’s AI chip capabilities. In a meeting with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol on Thursday, Zuckerberg expressed Meta’s interest in deepening its collaboration with Samsung Electronics for AI chips, aiming to mitigate geopolitical risks associated with Taiwan, where TSMC, the world’s largest contract chip manufacturer, is headquartered.


During the meeting

Zuckerberg and President Yoon discussed expanding cooperation in artificial intelligence and extended reality industries, according to a South Korean presidential official. This move underscores Meta’s strategic shift towards prioritizing AI processors, which are crucial for the development of cutting-edge technologies that can outperform current chip generations. These processors are not only vital for Meta’s social media platforms but also for its hardware devices business.

Zuckerberg reportedly held discussions

With Samsung’s executives, including Samsung executive chairman Jay Y. Lee, on Wednesday night to explore potential collaborations in AI chips, semiconductors, and extended reality. While a Samsung spokesperson declined to comment on the specifics of the meeting, they did not dispute the report.


TSMC has taken steps to diversify its supply chains away from Taiwan by opening its first chip fabrication plant in Japan. The establishment of Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing (JASM) in 2020, a joint venture between the Japanese government and corporations, marked the beginning of this initiative. JASM is now set to construct its second chip plant in Japan, with construction expected to commence by the end of 2024.

Zuckerberg’s visit to Japan

Also included a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to discuss AI and semiconductors. Japan, which lags behind Taiwan and South Korea in next-generation chip technology by about a decade, is keen on revitalizing its chip-making industry.

The timing of Zuckerberg’s tour coincides with a global race to develop AI chips. Nvidia currently dominates the global market for AI chips, leaving room for countries with strong processor backgrounds to rekindle their innovation and compete. Tech companies, including Meta, are eager to reduce their dependence on Nvidia by securing AI chips. Meta itself has been working on its in-house AI chip, Artemis, for its data centers. Other major tech players like Microsoft, OpenAI, Amazon, and Google are also actively seeking AI chips to support their AI ambitions.


Meta’s efforts to strengthen its AI chip capabilities through collaborations with Asian tech giants like Samsung and Japan’s JASM reflect the growing importance of AI processors in the tech industry. As the global AI chip race intensifies, companies are increasingly looking to diversify their chip supply chains and develop proprietary AI chips to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.


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