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No 1 REMOTE: How Companies Hire the Best Talent

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To make it easier for businesses to hire talent from around the world, Job van der Voort and Marcelo Lebre established Remote in 2019. We want to make the world of labour accessible to everyone, including businesses and nations. Every member of the team works remotely from different countries. We really believe that having such independence is a game-changer. Additionally, it draws more skilled, intriguing, and diverse individuals to our expanding business.

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What is Remote?

In simple terms, the process of employing people who work remotelyโ€”typically from their homes or coworking spacesโ€”is known as remote hiring. This method of hiring has grown in popularity in recent years since it enables firms to access a bigger talent pool while saving on office space and other overhead expenses. A worker’s home, a co-working space, another communal area, a private office, or any other site other than the typical corporate office building or campus could be considered such places.

How does Remote assist us?

  • Remote: Your ally in international expansion. All of our accessible nations’ local entities are wholly owned by Remote.
  • Costs & Payments: We don’t require contracts, third-party markups, hidden costs, or upfront deposits because of our fair price guarantee.
  • Available as an iOS and Android mobile app. On-the-go expenditure management.
  • Worldwide Employment: We are your go-to experts for payroll, tax, benefits, and compliance for your internationally dispersed team.
  • Contractor Administration: All across the world, you can pay independent freelancers and consultants.
  • Integrations: Connect your HR systems with us to streamline your business procedures.

How much does each employee cost?

EOR costs for Remote are $699 per employee per month and $599 per employee per month with a 14% off (paid annually upfront).

These EOR fees are in addition to the total cost of employment (TCE), which is the sum of the costs of social programs authorized by the local government, for each employee you hire using our Employer of Record service. There may frequently be additional expenses for essential services like healthcare or collective bargaining agreements. We can provide more comprehensive coverage for your employees at lower rates since Remote can take advantage of large group plans. No benefits premiums or administrative fees are marked up by us!

Remote Pricing

What is the price of contractor management?

Each active contractor is paid $29 per month for remote contractor management.

They will only be charged for the number of contractors you actually work with according to our Fair Price Guarantee. The number of contractors you may add to Remote is unlimited. All of your contractor data is safely stored there, and you only pay when a contractor signs a contract, submits an invoice or receives payment.

There is an additional 3% service fee for card payments. Employing contractors does not incur any additional costs. Payment partners may deduct 1% to 2% of contractors’ payments to cover currency conversion fees. Receiving payments as a contractor through Remote is free of additional costs.

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Advantages for your international workforce:

With locally relevant and legal incentive packages in each area where you want to hire, Remote can help you entice and keep the greatest talent in the world.

Depending on the nation you hire in, our benefit packages will change. They frequently offer some of the following services:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Protection
  • Vision Protection
  • Psychological Support
  • 401(k) or pension (K)
  • Disability and Life Insurance

Remote Services Offer

White-glove treatment

We ensure that worldwide HR, benefits, and payroll operate without a hitch in the background while providing your staff with the respect and consideration they merit.

Live chat support

Every time you have a question, you and your staff can use Remote’s comprehensive help centre or contact a member of our customer experience team. Our specialists are accessible twenty-four hours a day, five days per week. From any screen on our platform, simply click the “Help” button to acquire all the information you require.

Proactive supervision and assistance

At Remote, the approach to providing customer care is proactive rather than reactive. To safeguard your company, our professionals are continuously keeping an eye on the constantly evolving local rules.

Customer centeredness

Because we value your business, we treat every interaction with you seriously. By sending the correct message at the right moment, we consistently work to develop stronger relationships with our customers.

Streamline your global expansion

Manage taxes and payroll, oversee benefits, and make sure everyone on your staff, no matter where they are, is in compliance.

Process payroll in one place

Your internal team should do fewer admin activities. Without internal administration, use Remote to manage payroll across several nations where you have local organizations.

Constantly obedient

Local compliance will bring you peace of mind. To make sure you never miss a beat, our team of local legal specialists stays up to date on labour and payroll rules.

Spend less on payroll

Simplify your procedures. Utilize Remote’s user-friendly platform and first-rate service to centralize the administration of the payroll for your overseas employees.

Final Verdict

With the above blog, you must have got an idea about the specifications and benefits of Remote. We have properly examined this platform and written them for your understanding. Doesnโ€™t matter if you are just starting or have the plan to do so, you should read this blog with focus and use this platform for smooth processing.

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