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Parallels 18

Parallels 18 – Best MAC virtualization software

87 / 100

For MAC users, it is not possible to run Windows or this operating system-based program. MAC has created boundaries around its users to keep them stuck with their apps and programs. Are you a MAC user and looking to bypass those boundaries? Don’t worry because Parallels 18 has been released just for you and other MAC users like you.

This blog aims to show you some advancements in this version of Parallel desktop. You can estimate why this program is considered better than other programs available on the internet for the same purpose. To get a deep idea about this software, you should read this blog till the end. Let’s get started and explore the following sections.

What is Parallels 18?

It is a particular program that has been launched for the sake of MAC users to let them cross-operating system boundaries. Parallels 18 is a specific program that will boost your device properties to be a virtual machine and run various applications.

With the help of this program, you can easily convert built-in features of your machine like other Windows and Linux machines. In simple words, it is right to say that Parallels Desktop 18 will help you in running your device with other operating systems.

Parallels 18
Parallels 18

You can easily download, install, and run apps that are inaccessible from the original device. It is done by bypassing the original properties of the system and lets you feel better performance. But a common question is whether Parallels desktop has released different programs for this purpose.

Why do you need to subscribe to Parallels 18 only? Let us show you some advancements in this version as compared to previous ones here in this section.

Improvements in Parallels 18 Desktop

No doubt, this version has also some features that are taken from the previous version. But the designers have improved the overall performance of the program. You will get some advanced features in this version that we are going to show you here.

Enhanced Performance Speed

Do you know what is the main problem you have to face while using such a program? It is the slow processing of your machine that will discourage you from using such apps. Parallels 18 has been launched with extra high-performance speed even than the previous versions of the same program.

Parallels 18
Performance and Interface

It has been designed with a better performance of up to 85% than the previous version. In simple words, you can browse and run a program within a few seconds that took minutes in the previous ones. All in all, you can run any app without facing performance speed problems.

Advanced Graphics Support

As mentioned above, such programs create the interface of a virtual machine by changing the operating system virtually. It can harm the overall quality of the graphics of your device. Doesn’t matter whether you have a heavy-duty device or an ordinary one, it will lower the graphics quality.

Parallels 18
High-Quality Graphics

Parallels 18 desktops has been designed and launched with DirectX11. It is considered the most advanced graphic suite for devices and lets you have a clear preview of images, videos, and the entire screen. It doesn’t matter if you are playing a game or watching a movie, you will get premium-quality results.

Updated Application Interface

As we know, MAC devices are known mainly because of their premium quality interface. It is right to say that no operating system can beat MAC in this regard. Parallels 18 has taken this factor seriously and launched this version with an Apple Metal programming interface.

It means that this program will not change the original interface of your device. So, you will feel comfortable while browsing Windows or Linux programs on your device. It will neither change the interface nor change the screen quality when you have switched to a virtual machine interface.

Additional Features

In the previous version of Parallels Desktop, many advanced features are missing. For example, you had no sidecar or Apple pencil feature in those versions. This version has been launched with additional features that include both the above ones.

image 3
Features of Parallels 18

It means that you can use these features even when you have converted the system to Windows or Linus. In original operating systems, you will not get these features because these are especially designed for MAC operating systems. But Parallels 18 desktop enables you to enjoy MAC features in Windows applications.

Higher Compatibility

Another improvement has been made in terms of compatibility. Previously, the platform is offering limited compatibility with devices like Bluetooth devices. In this updated version of Parallels Desktop, all those limitations have been removed.

Now, you can easily connect your device with different devices, ports, and external accessories. You don’t need to install an extra driver or application for this purpose. In simple words, this version has higher compatibility with other devices as compared to the previous one. This has resolved multiple problems that many users have while using this software for desktop apps.

What does it cost to subscribe to Parallels 18?

For every user, it is important to know the price of Parallels 18 and compare it with other programs or previous versions. It will help them to understand whether they should go with this or look for another. Do you know this version is available at such affordable prices that you don’t look for a comparison with others?

image 4
Parallels 18 Pricing

You can get started from $99.99 which is not much compared to other programs with limited features. Parallels Desktop 18 also has upgraded subscriptions but it is good to go with basic. The reason is you will be able to estimate whether the program is worthy of your use or not. Also, you can download a free trial of this program to access and enjoy its basic features.


In the above section, we have discussed Parallels 18 in detail with a comparison with the previous version. We have not compared it with other programs because no one is available with such extensive features. If you are a MAC user and need Windows apps, you should buy this software to switch to this operating system instead of replacing your device.