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Scaling a business higher is not an easy task as it takes a lot of effort, focus, and high management. You can’t manage your business and achieve your expected goal without efficient software to manage your HR tasks.

It has been seen that hiring online has become common because of various benefits. This type of hiring doesn’t demand any additional sources than project price or daily payouts. But it is still hard to manage employers and keep their salaries within budget.

If you are also facing issues in this regard, you should use Remote. It is a specific platform that will help you in this regard as well as let you save 14% of the packages on an annual subscription. Let us get started and learn about this platform.

What is Remote?     

It is a specific platform serving in the field of HR by providing all the necessary tools you need for hiring employers online. There is no doubt that managing online employers is harder as compared to getting professionals in your office.

The reason is you may have to face difficulties in assembling their work routine, keep checking on them, and releasing their payments after work. Remote has taken care of all these aspects by providing every tool need for such management.


It means you will find all your necessary tools in a single platform. So, you don’t have to hire employers from a platform and manage their work on another tool. It will be pretty simple for you to switch between the different tools this platform has according to your work requirements.

How can you save 14% on employment costs at Remote?

Normally, HR managers avoid platforms because of their high price packages. No doubt, it is common to find such platforms because their prices are fair according to their services. But Remote is not like other platforms and works for the people to let them feel comfortable at lower rates.

Now, the platform has introduced a Flat 14% off on its prices if someone buys an annual plan. Normally, you have to pay $599 per month per employer. But you will be able to save around $1200 per employer by subscribing to its annual plan instead of daily or monthly plans.

Remote Pricing

Yes, this platform also enables short-term customers to use its tools on daily wages. It means that you can pay for what you have used every day. But it is recommended to use its annual plan because of your investment saving.

Best Facilities at Remote

No doubt, Remote is offering a huge discount on its annual plan. But it is still important to learn about its important features and facilities. The reason is you must be aware of what you will get and how to use those features in your HR-related tasks. Let us show you some of the most important features you will get in this tool.

Hire from Anywhere

The best facility that this platform has is international hiring from any country. It means that you will not be asked to hire employers from a specific country or region. You can choose any country from the entire world to hire talent from there.

It has made it simple for every business to access the right person for their jobs. You can easily choose an employer according to their skillset and your budget. For example, you will need to pay higher if you hire someone from the US as compared to Asia.

image 12

Remote will enable you to explore countries from Asia as well as the US to check their prices and choose the right one according to your budget. Isn’t it perfect to get started with new hiring for your startup?

Country-Based Features

Along with country-based filtration of employers, this platform will also enable you to get in-app features according to the region’s requirements. It means that you will not need to stick with simple and the same facilities for every employer.

In simple words, you will find different options like hourly payouts and weekly payouts for employers working from those countries where these methods are used. So, your employers as well as you will remain at ease while managing work and payouts.

While hiring someone directly on an online basis, you may need a legal team to set a contract and let your employers sign it before joining. But you must be aware of the rules of the country from which you are hiring someone.

Isn’t it hectic to look for a lawyer to get your contract ready? What if you will be given this facility in your HR toolkit? It will be amazing, Right? You can enjoy such features while using Remote for hiring employers from any part of the world.

This platform will give you access to the legal team for every country. You can easily contact them and ask them to design a contract according to the legal terms for that region. In this way, you will not face any problems or delays in your contract signing.

Fully Secured

When hiring someone online, you can’t rely on every platform. It is because such platforms can be used for stealing your business information which can be harmful. So, you should choose the platform that guarantees your security and data safety while sharing with them.

Remote is at the top of those platforms because of its extensive security features. This platform doesn’t only secure your data shared with them but also makes sure that your data isn’t accessible to others. In simple words, your data can’t be accessed by any third party.

So, your business data like payment method, address, employer details, and tax information will remain safe. No one will be able to access your data shared with them even from unethical tricks. Therefore, you can safely browse this platform and hire anyone without facing security issues.

Final Wrapping

In a nutshell, Remote is one of the best HR platforms serving businesses for hiring employers online and keeping track of their work. This platform has an extensive list of tools that enable you to get higher outcomes and save your resources too with its annual package.