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Sanebox – No 1 mailbox solution with AI

81 / 100

Have you ever been fed up with getting hundreds of emails and found it hard to organize them? If you have ever experienced such a condition, you should use Sanebox. It has been designed particularly for people who keep getting emails daily and want to organize them. In this blog, we are going to show you a comprehensive overview of this tool and how it can help you in organizing your mailbox.

What is Sanebox?

It is an AI-based tool that enables you to keep your emails organized in different sections. The tool has been designed with all those features that you may be looking for keeping your emails in a well-organized format.

Sanebox is considered to be the best choice because of its automatic sorting feature. You only have to follow a few steps to set instructions for the tool while using it. In the end, the tool will automatically keep collecting your emails in those particular folders or sections.


As per reports, it saves more than 2 hours for a person every week who keeps on dealing with email management regularly. The main reason is that the user doesn’t need to organize emails again and again at the end of the work. But this tool does it for him and lets him get an organized window to check emails.

How does Sanebox help you in organizing your mailbox?

No doubt, you can get several email management tools on the internet with a single search. But Sanebox has some extensive features to offer you when it comes to sorting emails and filtration of a specified group of emails. Before you get this tool’s subscription, it is important to know its features to understand how it can help you in organizing your mailbox.

Ø By Creating Different Folders

Unlike other tools, it enables you to create different folders for specified emails. It will offer you some built-in folders like a folder for newsletters and promotional emails. This tool will keep adding the concerned emails in specified folders.

Creating Folders

In this way, you can have an idea of what the email is about even before opening it. Along with this, you can simply create a folder for a specific type of email. By creating such a folder and inserting instructions, you will be able to collect all those emails in your concerned folders. Its AI-based algorithm will make sure to keep all your desired emails in particular folders.

Ø By Blocking Excessive Emails

It is considered the best feature of Sanebox because it has helped many people in getting relaxed. When you are getting regular emails from brands or annoying people, you must be getting irritated.

In such a condition, you may be thinking to avoid such emails and getting relaxed. This tool will help you in resolving this problem and let you send all such emails to the trash box. If you have banned someone from your email box, their emails will automatically go to the trash. In simple words, you will not even know that you have got an email from that particular user.

Screenshot 2017 06 14 14.24.46
Blocking Excessive Emails

Ø By Letting You Find Hot Leads

How many emails do you get every day? It is common to get more than 10 emails regularly on an email that you are maintaining for your work. Here comes a question, “How to find hot leads from last month’s conversation?”

This is where you will find Sanebox a must-have tool because of its AI-based working method. It will keep tracking all such emails in the backend and will inform you automatically about such emails. So, you will be able to know about such emails even when you are not looking for them.

Screen Shot 2020 01 15 at 10.16.41 AM
Find Hot Leads

In this way, you can reach your previous potential customers and engage them to sell your products or services. Along with this, you may get to know about some amazing deals from this option if the tool has found it under the hot leads section.

Ø By Storing Email Attachments in Cloud

Have you ever faced a problem like less storage in your mailbox? It was a common problem for many mobile users in the past. With time, the problem has resolved to much extent but it is also possible to have your mailbox full because of the heavy files attached to your email.

Screenshot on 2022 03 11 at 22 19 03
Email Attachments in Cloud

In such a case, you may be thinking of another email that is hard to manage for you. Sanebox will help you in this regard as it will save your email attachments in the cloud. It means that your mailbox will never get filled even when you are getting multiple emails with attachments regularly.

Why do you need Sanebox over any other mail management tool?

By reading the above sections, you must have got an idea about organizing features of Sanebox for your email management. But do you know it can also be beneficial for you in another dimension? It is your budget that makes this tool a better choice as compared to others.

This tool is available at much cheaper rates which makes it a perfect choice even for beginners. You can use this tool by investing a few pennies from your wallet. It enables you to get started with $3.50 per month charges for a single account.


If you are working in a one-man army, you should go with this subscription. You can also upgrade your subscription to its “Lunch” or “Dinner” plan as per your requirements. It all depends on your requirements and which subscription will suit you. All in all, it has less expensive packages than other email management tools available on the internet.

Final Verdict

In the above section, we have discussed a few prominent features of Sanebox that will help you in organizing your emails. By using this tool, you can easily give your mailbox a desirable outlook. Also, you will be able to work seamlessly instead of investing hours daily or weekly to manage your emails. In short, this tool will help you in sorting your emails, organizing them, and accessing them quickly without wasting much time.