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Shopify Overview | Best online store with Shopify

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Online selling has become common as well as more profitable than in the past. It has become now easier to sell your products online to a large community instead of targeting a specific city or town. Do you want to start selling your product online?

Are you struggling with a high-investment plan? Don’t worry when you can start an online e-commerce store with the help of Shopify. Haven’t you read about this platform deeply to understand its feasibility for your business?

Don’t worry if you haven’t done this because we are here to discuss this platform in detail. In this blog, we are going to show you an overview of Shopify along with reasons why it will be worth choosing this platform.

Shopify Overview              

It is a specific platform where you can design your online store to sell your products. Shopify has more than 2 million merchants who are selling their products from different fields. It is the most popular e-commerce platform in the entire world.

The main reason behind its popularity is its properties, interface, and extensive features that are available on this platform. This platform will enable you to create your online store within a short time instead of taking months for complete development.

Shopify Homepage

To help merchants in launching their online stores, this platform offers hundreds of themes and templates. You only have to choose a template or design suitability with your product or field to design a store. Its powerful online editor will assist you in developing a store from scratch to advanced settings.

Let us now show you why it is good to design your store and sell products via Shopify instead of any other platform. 

Why it is good to start a Shopify store?

When compared to other platforms like Wix, Shopify has a huge list of benefits. For understanding, we are going to discuss a few of them that we consider the most important for sellers. You should read the following features of this platform to understand why it is better than others.

Easy Management System

Do you know what is the most used option in online stores? It is the management settings or options that will help the users to manage their stocks, keep track of their sales, and handle all routine tasks.

Many times, users feel uncomfortable when they are dealing with a complex management system. It can lead them to permanent loss of business. Shopify will enable you to resolve such problems because of its easy management system.

Shopify 2
Shopify Management System

The backend of all stores created with the help of this platform will be simple. You can easily understand all the options and manage your store’s performance without feeling hard.

Around 100 Payment Channels

Many people say that their store is better than the stores created by Shopify. Do you know how many customers are leaving your spot just because of limited payment channels? It is common to get customers who want to pay through a specific channel that you don’t offer.

In such a condition, you will lose those customers and they will never come back even for checking your website. Shopify offers more than 100 payment channels to integrate with your store.

Shopify Payment Method
Shopify Payment Channels

The only thing that you have to do is to create your store with this platform and integrate all your desired payment channels with it. Also, you can get a payout from your standard bank. It is pretty simple to manage your payments through this platform.

Elevate Business Smoothly

The best way to grow a business at this time is to promote it through different social media platforms. It is not an easy task to do so unless you have a proficient developer with you on your team.

Shopify Integration
Boost Your Business

Shopify has done this task for you and enables you to promote or sell your products through different platforms. You can easily integrate different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others to sell more. In this way, it will help you to elevate your business and touch the highest points in your success.

Hundreds of Templates & Designs

As mentioned above, this platform enables you to make changes in built-in templates and themes to design your store. It means that you don’t have to learn to program or hire a developer to design a store for you.

Shopify Templates
Shopify Templates and Designs

The only thing that you have to do is to choose a theme that you like and customize it as per your requirements. Along with this, you will get different templates to choose from along with your theme. So, it will be like copy & paste or drag & drop situation to design your dream e-commerce store.

Effective Customer Support

One of the main features that make any platform profitable and successful is its customer support. Many platforms get failed even when they have extensive facilities just because of low-quality customer support.

Shopify Customer Support
Shopify Customer Support

Shopify doesn’t leave its users alone in any condition. Their customer support is considered the best for all users. You can get your issue resolved even within a few minutes by getting assistance from their live support.

How to get started with Shopify?

To get started with Shopify, you don’t have to grab a huge investment. You can start selling with this platform by investing a few dollars. First of all, you should have signed up for this platform and selected a pricing plan for your store.

After that, you only have to design and launch your store online. It will not take more than a few days to design the best-looking store with this platform. For beginners, the platform has made online selling easier with its reduced price for the first three months.

Shopify Pricing
Shopify Pricing Plans

You can enjoy its services at $1 per month for three months after the free trial ends. In this way, you can choose this platform for testing too because it will not ask you to pay higher.

Final Words

In overall comparison, Shopify has both advantages and disadvantages for the users. But it is far better than other platforms because of its user-friendly interface and extensive list of features. You should start with this platform as it will reduce your investment and hard work. Also, you can easily resolve any problem related to your store with the help of their customer support. In your online store, you may have to invest a lot to get such issues resolved by experienced developers.