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Sign Your Documents with Blue Ink in 2023

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Blue Ink signing documents is not a difficult task in this time of the internet. It doesn’t matter whether you need to sign a document for a nearby office or someone sitting in the other part of the world; you can perform this task. The best way to do so is using a platform like Blue Ink.

It is a specific platform that enables companies, businesses, and employers to sign their documents quickly. With the help of this platform, you can either get your documents signed electronically or send documents to your employers to sign them.

Blue Ink

Simply put, Blue Ink is perfect for employers and business caretakers. This feature makes it the most suitable platform for the e-signature of documents. You can easily pick this platform and its excellent tools for signing documents. Let us show you some additional features of this platform to clarify why you need to use it.

Why should you use Blue Ink?

Undoubtedly, multiple platforms are available online for e-signature creation or signing documents. It is a common and authentic question that may be in your mind too about Blue Ink. Here are some of its features that will let you understand the answer to this question.

One-Window Platform

You may want to create your signature, sign the document, and send it instantly. It mostly happens because you may need to submit the documents soon for job confirmation. The same goes for the departments where you are going to apply.

It means that you may be in a hurry without discrimination of your position on any side of the line. For example, if you are a business caretaker looking to sign an agreement with a platform like Anytime Mailbox, you must send them documents quickly.

You may be unable to do this when using tools like Adobe Acrobat or others. In this regard, you will find Blue Ink much more effective and easy to utilize for signing documents. It will act like a one-window solution for you from where you can create, organize, sign, and send your documents. It is simple to utilize this platform and its tools for your various business tasks.

Blue Ink Working

Get Documents Signed Instantly

Being a businessman or HR administrative, you must be looking to get the documents signed as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you are thinking of business documents like company notifications, approval of salaries, or agreements with employers.

It is common to wait for days or even weeks because you have to send the documents and wait for the response from the receiver. With the help of Blue Ink, you can shorten this time and get your documents signed quickly.

For this task, it enables you to get assistance from its two main features. Firstly, it will enable you to send bulk documents simultaneously. It means that you can send your documents to all authorities within minutes.

Bulk Sending Feature of Blue Ink

Secondly, it has a specific feature called SMS Delivery, enabling you to get instant replies. Through this feature, you can notify the receiver to check their emails even when they are not on their computers.

Website Integration

In this time of the internet, the easiest way to hire employers is through website job posts. You can find multiple jobs posted by the company on its official website to hire talent from different parts of the world.

If you are a business caretaker looking to automate this process, you should use this e-signature platform. It has a specific feature that will enable you to integrate smart link forms into your website. So, the applicants will find this form on your website and be redirected to Blue Ink.


After that, they can quickly sign and submit their documents to you. Simply put, you won’t have to respond to all applicants and share the agreement. You can easily embed the form on your website with the signing facility using this tool that enables you to be comfortable.

Powerful Branding Tool

With excessive internet use, it has become mainstream to promote your brand and get an audience. Do you know you can also use your forms and applications for this purpose? Blue Ink is one of those platforms that will help you in this regard.

It enables users to create custom applications and documents with customized signatures and logos. Whenever someone gets your documents, it will positively impact their thoughts about your business.

This factor will help you to grow more in your field and have a prominent position in the mind of your signers. It is because they will remember you because of your customized templates and applications. So, you can say that this platform can also work as a branding tool for you if used smartly.

Who can use Blue Ink in 2023?

Before getting access to any platform, it is important to learn whether it suits you. The reason is not every platform is designed for you. Some tools are meant for a few particular businesses or departments.

Blue Ink is versatile in this regard because signing documents is a common task everyone must follow. It doesn’t matter whether you are an employer or a business caretaker; you must sign the documents from different perspectives.

image 1

This platform enables you to join this community without paying anything in advance. Yes, you can join it for 14 days without any subscription charges. It lets you have a free 14-day trial version to check whether it suits you. You can also learn how to use this tool and make it a part of your toolkit to organize and streamline your work.

Final Wrapping

By reading the above guide about Blue Ink, you must know now what this platform is about. Actually, this e-signature tool is suitable for everyone, including corporate business caretakers, HR departments, employers, and freelancers. In short, you will find it helpful in your field without job posts and rank discrimination.