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X Intro Best Premium+ Users and Organizations to Publish Articles

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Introduction Of X

It, the social network under the helm of entrepreneur Elon Musk, has unveiled its latest feature: Articles. This new long-form post format is exclusively available to Premium+ subscribers and verified organizations. With Articles, users can craft posts with text formatting, embed other It posts, and integrate videos and imagesβ€”a functionality reminiscent of content management systems like WordPress or platforms like Medium.


Enhanced Publishing Capabilities

Last year, It augmented the character limit for long posts to 25,000 characters for paying users. However, the introduction of Articles extends this capacity even further, enabling users to compose articles with up to 100,000 characters, as reported by Engadget. Moreover, users can incorporate bulleted lists and hyperlinked text into their articles, as highlighted by Chris Bakke, whose company Laskie was acquired by It last year.

Evolution from Twitter Notes

Twitter had previously introduced “Notes” as a long-form publishing medium back in 2022, prior to Musk’s involvement with the company. However, following Musk’s leadership, the Notes project was halted, ad-free articles were discontinued, and the newsletter platform Revenue was terminated. Despite this shift, Musk reaffirmed the company’s commitment to facilitating long-form content creation. In July 2023, he mentioned that It was actively developing a feature to enable creators to publish extended articles with mixed media components. Musk emphasized the versatility of this feature, suggesting that users could even publish entire books directly on the platform.

A Platform for Creators

Musk has consistently advocated for prominent figures such as MrBeast and Tucker Carlson to engage with their audience directly on It. With the introduction of the “Articles” feature, the platform aims to attract a broader spectrum of writers who seek to share their insights and narratives directly with their audience.

The introduction of Articles underscores It’s commitment to fostering diverse forms of expression and engagement among its user base. By providing Premium+ subscribers and verified organizations with enhanced publishing capabilities, It aims to empower creators to articulate their ideas, stories, and perspectives in a compelling and immersive manner. As the platform continues to evolve, it will be intriguing to witness how creators leverage Articles to captivate and engage with their audience on a deeper level.


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