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BugHerd: An Efficient Tool to Check Bugs in Websites

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For the success of any online business, it is necessary to keep track of its performance. Many people think that performance tracking is the management of expenses and profit only. But it is not limited to these resources but you also have to check the health of your website.

In simple words, if you have a Shopify store, you need to check whether it is working smoothly or not. You have to find all the bugs and remove them for the smooth growth of your website. Don’t you know how to do so?

You should buy a subscription to BugHerd which has been designed for professionals like you. By using this tool, you can accomplish this task quickly without facing any problems. In this blog, we are going to show you what this platform (tool) is and how you can complete this task.

What is BugHerd?

It is a specific online tracking tool that can analyze your website to find bugs. Many developers as well as business caretakers are using this platform to find problems in their websites quickly. BugHerd is normally used by professionals who work on particular tools with custom scripts.


In simple words, this platform is used to check errors and bugs in custom scripts. When a person is working on a website based on such script, it is common to find errors in them. This tool has made the process of detection of those bugs easy for a person.

Whether you are a professional or just starting with the field, you will find this tool useful. The reason is you don’t have to follow complex steps or read the script to find bugs. But you only have to use the URL to your website and let the tool perform the rest of the task.

How BugHerd is different from other bug trackers?

Undoubtedly, hundreds of bug trackers are available on the internet. A prominent number of employers use such tools to streamline their work and complete their tasks quickly. But the question is how BugHerd is better than others as multiple ones are already available in the market.

Here we have discussed some of its features that will let you know the answer to this question. So, you will have a clear demonstration of this question.

Quick Bugs Tracking

If you have been working as a web developer, you must have invested a lot of hours in bug tracking. It is a common task for a developer without which his work isn’t complete. But the main problem is you have to check the entire script, understand it, and find bugs in it.

With the help of BugHerd, you can easily resolve this problem. It will enable you to find bugs in your website within seconds. You can do so either by inserting your website link or manually importing the script to your website.

image 1

Within a few seconds, the tool will track all bugs it has found in your code and display them. So, you will be able to access those code lines directly and rewrite them to resolve the problem. In turn, your website will start working smoothly instead of showing problems.

Video Feedback

Normally, when you have been working with a bug tracker, you will be given suggestions in text format. It means that you will get details about the bug and the method to solve it through a written manual. For a person, it may be hard to read those instructions and implement them to solve problems.

image 2

BugHerd has resolved this problem by introducing video feedback about your website. This feature is not available in other bug trackers. It makes this tracking tool useful and better than others.

In this mode, you will be shown video feedback regarding bugs in your website. You will learn about bugs as well as solutions to get them resolved from the same video. In turn, it will be pretty simple for you to understand the problems and solve them quickly.

Tracker for All

As mentioned earlier, BugHerd has been designed with a simple interface. Everyone can use this platform to track bugs in their websites without facing any problems. Even if, you have just started working in this field, you can use this bug tracker.

In simple words, it is right to say that you can use this bug tracker even as a learner. Along with this, you can use this tracking tool for websites based on any CMS. Whether you have a WordPress-based website or a custom script, you will find this bug tracker suitable.

You only have to insert the link to your website. This tool will analyze it and show you all the bugs it has found in its code. In turn, you can approach the right solution for solving those bugs.

What are the pricing packages of BugHerd?

Before moving to any tool, it is compulsory to check its pricing package. BugHerd is no exception from this analysis. It is because you will learn whether the concerned tools are suitable for your budget or not.

This tool is available for free on the trial of 14 days. It means that you can test this website before buying its subscription. This facility has made it easier for startups to test this tool before they invest their budget to buy this bug tracker.

image 3

Abide by this, you will find this tool cost-effective as it can be accessed at the rate of $39 per month. It is not a higher amount if you have a sustained business to check its bugs. In a single subscription, you can add multiple employers to your account.

It means that one account can be managed by multiple employers. Along with this, you can reduce this amount to $33 per month by subscribing to its packages for at least two years at once.

Final Wrapping

By reading the above guide, you must have learned about BugHerd. We have discussed its features in detail for the sake of your understanding. We hope you have got an idea why you should use this tool and how it can help in finding/resolving bugs.