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How SaneBox has helped you deal with 1 annoying email management issue?

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Being marketers, the most annoying issue faced by professionals is email management. Doesn’t matter whether you are out of your office or taking a nap, you might be getting emails throughout the day and night. It is hard for a person or even a team to manage emails and respond to all important queries without leaving a single one.

Our team has also faced such a condition and found it hard to manage this marketing. The professionals have lost emails and didn’t send replies to them timely which cost us much. To resolve this problem, we researched a lot and found Sanebox. This email management software has helped us a lot with its advanced features.

We have got beneficial results from this software and managing our emails smoothly. This blog has been written to tell you about this tool and let you know about those features that have helped us. Let’s have a look at the following sections and learn about them in detail.

What is SaneBox?

It is a particular email management software that helps individuals as well as marketing companies in managing their emails. Sanebox has a complete toolkit to let the users access all the features that they need to send, receive, or manage emails.

email management

This software has become common among marketing communities. The reason is these professionals have got multiple features to manage their marketing campaigns. Along with this, it has some unique features like the integration of multiple email channels. In turn, a person can access different email accounts from a single window instead of browsing all of those.

Which features of Sanebox have helped us in email management?

Till now, you have learned about Sanebox and its basic features. It is time to learn about those features that have helped us in email management. These features are mainly responsible for the recommendation of this platform over others. Let’s read about them now, 

Category-Wise Email Separation

The main hurdle that we were facing in email management is the separation of emails. We all know that most emails will be sent to inboxes and it is hard to read all of them. Also, a person can leave an important email unread that has been merged in the inbox among other useless or less important emails.

Sanebox has helped us a lot in this regard and provided us with complete control over the separation of emails. Yes, you can set different folders for various types of emails in this tool. In turn, all emails for a specific category will be sent to a specific folder.

Category wise folders Sanebox

As a result, you can easily know whether the folder is important to check or you can do it later. In this way, you can respond to all important emails without wasting much time. Along with this, it is not possible to leave an email that is important to you.

Blockage of Unwanted Emails

Being a marketer or even an internet user, you may be getting emails from brands or different websites. Every day, multiple emails are sent to the inbox of users which is actually annoying. But it becomes more annoying for professionals as they will get distracted from their actual tasks.

The most frequent question that comes to mind in this regard is how to avoid such emails. It is not possible to do this while you are using your standard email account. You have to do this manually whenever you will get an email from a particular account.

But we have found the solution to this problem in the toolkit of Sanebox. It has a particular feature named Saneblackhole that is designed for this purpose. With the help of this feature, you can delete unwanted emails as well as unsubscribe from those platforms within seconds. Yes, you have heard it right!

Block emails with Sanebox

The only thing that you have to do is to drag and drop an email into this folder. This software will automatically delete the email as well as unsubscribe from the newsletters. In turn, you will not get any emails from them in the future which will keep you relaxed in email management.

Follow-up Email Scheduling

Do you know what the hardest task is for an email marketing manager? It is the process to send follow-up emails to the brands, businesses, or customers they are dealing with. The reason is you may have sent multiple emails and it is hard to find those emails to which you want to send a follow-up email.

Sanebox has an advanced feature to handle this problem. It can help you in scheduling follow-up emails whenever you will send the first email. In simple words, your email will be sent automatically if you don’t get a response after the first one.

Follow up email reminders

Also, you can set a reminder for this purpose and manually write or send the email after a selected duration. In simple words, you can set a reminder of 2 days which will notify you that you have to send a follow-up email to that particular email address.

Email Snoozing Option

One of the most annoying problems related to email management is receiving multiple emails. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a leave or going to a wedding, you might be getting emails. Being busy with other tasks, you may leave those emails and forget to reply to them timely.

Email Snoozing 1

With the help of the email snoozing option of Sanebox, you can resolve this problem. It will help you in snoozing all upcoming emails and let you get them after your set duration. In simple words, you can set a duration in which you don’t want to get emails.

For example, if you are on a leave for two days, you can set the email snoozing for two days. In turn, all emails you have got during this time will be kept in a separate box and won’t be visible to you. Once you are back after this duration, all emails will be sent collectively in their concerned folders. So, you can check them one by one and respond to them comfortably.

Final Say

The above discussion is done based on the experience that we have got with this tool. We recommend you use Sanebox if you are also feeling hard to manage emails. It will enable you to get relaxed after your work time and allow you to have a comfortable life.