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Teachable | No 1 & Best tool for Instructors?

87 / 100

Online teaching has become common as well as simple as compared to the past in recent times. In the past, it was hard to create a platform to start your course online because it took a lot of investment. With time, it has become simple and many platforms like Teachable has taken part in this field for the ease of seller.

Doesn’t matter whether you want to teach a specific skill or share your life experience, it will be suitable for you. Do you want to know about it in detail? You have stopped at the right spot because we are going to review this platform here deeply to tell you why it is good and who can use it.

What is Teachable?

In simple words, Teachable is a simple platform through which you can design your school or offer a course to earn money. This platform has made it simple to earn from your skills for everyone. It doesn’t demand any certificates but allows you to create your course freely.


It means that you can teach others through your practical experience too even when you don’t have a high degree of education. No doubt, many other platforms are prominent in this field but most of those are learning management systems (LMS).

This platform has been designed with a different concept to enable the creators and learners to both feel comfortable. It allows the learners to learn something by paying a little fee without sticking with a time frame. Therefore, Teachable is getting more popular than other platforms with the same category and concept.

Who can use Teachable?

It is a common question asked by many content creators, especially those who are just thinking to create their course and sell it. Don’t worry if you also have this question in your mind because we are going to answer it briefly here.

In simple words, Teachable can be used by anyone who is creating content or looking to teach something to students online. This platform has been designed with a simple interface that is acceptable for both teachers and students. So, both parties can easily use this platform to achieve their goals.

Who can use Teachable?
Teachable Users

Let us give you a list of content creators who can use this platform here for better understanding.

  • YouTubers
  • Niche Experts
  • Authors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Online Businesses

Don’t be confused with online businesses in this list because many businesses have the same aim which is to teach others. Some people want to tell learners about their personal experiences. So, they can also join this platform and can create a course of as many videos as they want with their desired category.

Best Features of Teachable for Creators

As mentioned above, a huge list of platforms is available on the internet with the same purpose. But Teachable has some features that you will not get on those platforms. Let us show you some of the best features of this platform here with a brief discussion.

Ø Hundreds of Themes & Templates

One of the most basic parts of your school creation to teach others is the selection of a theme. If you are doing it for the first time, it will be difficult for you to choose the reliable one. It is because you may be searching a database with inappropriate themes with limited templates.

Teachable Theme Templates
Teachable Theme Templates

To avoid such unexpected conditions, Teachable has listed hundreds of themes and their concerned templates. You can easily design your class and course to teach the students without having a problem. The best feature of this platform is its drag-and-drop working method. It means that you don’t need to deal with programming or something like this for designing.

Ø User-friendly Interface

Not all content creators or teachers are efficient to deal with the complex interfaces of such platforms. Many instructors just leave the field because they feel uncomfortable while creating courses. This platform has been designed with a simple interface that enables all users to design their courses easily.

Teachable Interface
Teachable User Interface

Doesn’t matter whether you have dealt with such platforms before or not, it will allow you to feel comfortable. Also, you can easily access its all options to design your classroom and launch the course. It is right to say that Teachable makes earning teaching easy.

Ø Customizable Pages

Doesn’t matter whether you are looking to create a course or a school for live training, it is important to organize and design pages. Many people just feel hard to do so because they are asked to deal with different programming languages and codes.

If you are using Teachable, you shouldn’t worry about this problem. The platform is giving all its users full control over the customization of pages. You can add blocks, text, images, and any other section on pages with your desired color scheme. In simple words, you are free to design your course and its related pages within a few minutes.

Ø All-In-One Tool Kit

For a course seller or instructor, it is important to approach multiple tools like email marketing tools, affiliate marketing campaigns, and others. If you want to be successful in this field, you have to do so and invest a lot of money.

Teachable enables you to feel comfortable and save your budget in this regard. This platform has a complete collection of such marketing automation tools. You can easily promote your course through different means like email, affiliate marketing, and others.

Teachable Toolkit Pricing
Teachable Toolkit and Pricing

In short, this platform offers a wide list of tools on a single window. You don’t have to pay for various platforms for this purpose or hire different employers. This platform will do it all for you and help you in selling your course to other instructors. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to create your course according to their requirements.

Final Verdict

With the above blog, you must have got an idea about the specifications and benefits of Teachable. We have properly examined this platform and written them for your understanding. Doesn’t matter if you are just starting or have the plan to do so, you should read this blog with focus and use this platform for smooth processing.